Dental Implant Cost In Sunshine

A dental implant is a process, where a strong, small titanium screw is placed into prepared sites in the jawbone(s). It replaces the root of the missing tooth or teeth. The bone grows onto the surface of the implant after a short span of the healing procedure (a process known as osseointegration). It anchors a replacement tooth, typically pontic, bridge, or a crown.

The dental implant is a very popular service among dental patients because of the following benefits:

  • Their look, feel, appearance, and function give the impression of natural teeth.
  • It prevents the need to sacrifice healthy tooth structure from adjacent teeth as is required for a traditional bridge. The adjacent healthy teeth remain safe.
  • It increases your comfort and confidence as you can eat and speak easily eliminating the discomfort of dentures. You need not have to cover up the holes with your hand while smiling.
  • It’s a time-tested method with a very high success rate. Millions of people worldwide are opting for the dental implant treatment as an ideal option for their missing teeth.

The dental implant is a very common treatment among the cosmetic dental treatments provided by Sunshine Dental Group. It’s one of the most successful and aesthetically pleasing ways of replacing your missing teeth.

For more than 40 years, peoples all over the world are opting for this treatment to replace their lost teeth due to injury, trauma, periodontal disease or any other reason. The dental implant cost depends on a number of factors including:


The cost of living in some cities in Australia is higher. The wages and rents are also higher. The dental services in such cities have higher overheads and are likely to charge more for their dental services.

Implant Type

There are a large number of manufacturers of dental implants in this world. They use different types of material to manufacture varieties of dental implants. The cost depends on the type of material uses, shapes, and design.

Complexity of Dental Disease

The complexity of an individual case also plays a significant role in determining the dental implant cost. Suppose you need a sinus lift or bone graft, then you are going to pay more than the simple dental implant placement.

Experience and Reputation of Dentist

If the dentist is highly reputed with a wealth of experience then he may charge more for his service than other general dentists in that area.